Dorninger "analoge systeme" - CD/Digital

cover analoge systeme

Dorninger "analoge systeme"
code: 1611-22
release date November 29th 2016
format: CD/Digital
style: Ambient

Analoge Systeme - Into The Circuits!

The basic sound for the album "Analoge Systeme" was produced almost exclusively with self-made sound devices, filters and fx-processors. Every now and then, these sounds got mixed together with analogue synths and reverb (Waldorf, Oberheim, Roland, Vesta Fire, ....) normally used in Dorninger‘s soundstudio.

„As a sound artist I like to add striking distinguishing features to the sound itself, not aimed at the repetition of patterns, but also with direct access to achieve tonal autonomy. As a joyful participant and organizer of "Lötworkshops" I loves bold and crazed sound creations, wild designs and I always hope for the unexpected.“

Self soldered synths: Chaosz – Ostpoti by Uwe Schüler, M-20 inspired HP-LP filters“ by Claude Winterberg, Experimental Oszi by Alwin Weber and PingPong by Curetronic.

DORNINGER is: Wolfgang Dorninger (Electronics)

Layout: CHAOSZ - OSTPOTI by Jördis Drawe (PCB-artwork) / Uwe Schüler (circuit design)

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analoge systeme - into the circuits ...