The Smiling Buddhas "Cote" - CD/Digital

cover cote

The Smiling Buddhas "Cote"
code: 1706-23
release date June 30th 2017
format: CD/Digital
style: techno

Cote - Dive Deep

Guests: Le Renard (Vocals "La Plage"), Philomena (Vocals "Ich Schlief so Sanft")

The Smiling Buddhas create aural travelogues and this time they went deep into the sea, made party on the beach or felt asleep there. Two guest singers - one male (Le Renard on "La Plage") and one female (Philomena on "Ich schlief so sanft") - enlarge the charme factor of the melodic techno sound of The Smiling Buddhas.

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THE SMILING BUDDHAS are: Hun-Fa-Di: electronics
John Fitzpatrick: electronics

Dive deep get dizzy!