Dorninger "membrane" - 2x 7inch/digital

cover membrane

Dorninger "membrane"
code: 1212-14
release date digital december 2012 / vinyl september 2013
format: 2x7inch vinyl (4 tracks) plus digital download card (64 minutes)
style: musique concrete, ambient, soundtrack

The music of "membrane" is based on microphone recordings from all over the world transformed through sound montage techniques into radical noise or environments of sheer beauty.


Wolfgang Dorninger: recordings, sound montage

All tracks base on field-recordings:
Used techniques: loop, eqing, montage and sometimes pitch shifting, timestreching, but I Dorninger did not use VST-plugins or granular-synthesis software.

Project duration: 2010 - 2012

Digital Download: Bandcamp

All tracks base on field-recordings.