Wipeout "the mp3 compilation" - Data-CD (SOLD OUT)

cover wipeout mp3-compilation

Wipeout "the mp3 compilation"
code: base 0411-9
release date 13.11.2004
format: Data-CD, duration: 3 hours (mp3 files)
style: electronic, pop, techno

All records on mp3!

What CDs are on this Data-CD:
COME INTO MY BIOMECHANICAL LOVEBOAT (MCD - Angry Sun, 1993) digital download / SWAMPS OF HAPPINESS (CD - CCP, 1995) digital download / SALIVA (CD - CCP, 1996) digital download / COUNTRY & WESTERN (Serpet qui danse, 1997)

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Brand new song & video Listen

Wipe Out "Sliced Shaped Remodeled" from Wolfgang Dorninger on Vimeo.

Listen to: Blind Idiot God (1999)

Listen to: She Will Leave Me (1995)

Listen to: I Sleep All Day (1996)

Listen to: I've Started To Read (1995)


Didi Bruckmayr: vocals

Wolfgang Dorninger: electronics

Didi Kern: electronic-percussion

Alex Jöchtl: sound

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